HABITAT SUITES is Austin’s only ‘green hotel’ and a charter member of the Green Hotels Association of America.  Habitat Suites has been a maintenance account of JBird & Company since 2007.  The goal for this landscape is to garden with plants that are food producing for people and / or birds and butterflies while creating an aesthetic and sensual experience for the hotel’s guests.

JODY HORTON is a talented Austin based photographer.  Jody designed and provided photographs for this website.

DAI DUE translates as ‘From the kingdoms of nature, choose food with care.’  Jesse Griffiths and Tamara Mayfield are cultivating a more conscientious food culture in Central Texas by offering a roving supper club that is prepared with only locally produced, seasonal ingredients.  Annie illustrated and designed the logo for Dai Due.

THIS is Annie Taylor’s website.  Annie offers freelance creative services such as illustration, interior design, and visual merchandising.  HER BLOG features the creative world of Annie~ celebrating past, present, and future artistic & design endeavors, as well as featuring snippets of Annie’s life with Jason and son Oliver.

NORM BALINGER recently came into our lives, from around the corner in our south Austin  neighborhood.  He is a musician, poet, green builder, and proud builder of  Austin’s first Straw Bale home.

THE GREEN MINDS PROJECT is about all types of gardeners and gardening created by Gayla Trail.  Gayla interviewed Jason about his work up at Habitat Suites in the spring of 2008.

THE YUMA HERITAGE PROJECT is a dynamic land restoration project that Jason has had the honor of working on alongside his brother in-law John Taylor and friend Fred Phillips.

FARMHOUSE DELIVERY is a  C.S.A. started by Stephanie Scherzer and Elizabeth Winslow that brings farm fresh, local produce to your door.  Stephanie and her partner Kim Beal are lovely friends and have been a dynamic part of our community.

Sue Ann and Roy Crouse are neighbors and clients of JBird & Co.  We have enjoyed becoming friends with them.  Sue Ann has a great blog called VERY SMART GALS where she often writes about her garden (that Jason installed and maintains).

JOHN TAYLOR, Annie’s brother lives and works out of Flagstaff, Arizona.  He has been working with the Flagstaff school district working with teachers and students establish gardens on their school grounds~ emphasizing land stewardship and growing food.  John is also done some beautiful landscape work in Flagstaff, Arizona as well as land restoration work in Southern Arizona.

BRAD LANCASTER has provided great inspiration for sustainable water-harvesting systems for your home, landscape, and community along with to other practical advice about growing food in dry climates.

CMPBS is located in East Austin.  It is a non-profit education, research, and demonstration organization specializing in life cycle planning and design.  They have a great happy hour the first Friday of every month.  It provides an opportunity to learn about their organization and get really inspired!

NATIVE SEEDS/SEARCH is an organization based out of Tucson, Arizona that researches ancient seeds for modern needs.  Native Seeds/SEARCH conserves, distributes, and documents the adapted and diverse varieties of agricultural seeds, their wild relatives and the role these seeds play in cultures in the American southwest and northwest Mexico.

DESIGN, BUILD, LIVE is Austin’s sustainable learning center that shares, practices, promotes, and nurtures natural building and sustainable living.

MICHAEL POLLAN is a writer for the New York Times and the author of many books about food and how it relates to our culture and the environment.

THE DESERT MUSEUM is a beautiful living museum that inspires love, appreciation, and understanding of the Sonoran Desert south of Tucson.  This museum has an amazing botanical collection not to mention a zoo of animals kept in very natural settings.

GARLAND’S LODGE began as a homestead in the early 1900s in Oak Creek Canyon (in between Sedona and Flagstaff, Arizona).  The lodge offers lovely food grown on the premisis (including apple, peach, and plum trees), rest, and relaxation.

THE ELKHORN RANCH is owned and operated by Mary Miller (Annie’s older sister) and her family.  This is a wonderful place to escape and be amongst amazing desert plants, ride horses, relax, and meet interesting people.

AUSTIN FARMER’S MARKETS are a real gift to our city and a great thing to do on the weekend.   We like to visit one every weekend for fresh, local food, good music, admire all the different dogs (with their owners), have a cinnamon roll,  and see friends in the community.

MICHAEL FRANTI & SPEARHEAD sends out strong, positive messages about peace, love, and politics in the form of great ‘rebel rock’ music and a lively stage presence.  POWER to the PEACEFUL!

FIDDLERS GREEN is a beautiful music shop in central Austin that offers high quality instruments, lessons, and hosts great jam sessions in their barn behind the shop.

LAURA FREEMAN is a talented Austin musician that writes and sings songs for children.  She also puts on great adult themed shows. Laura is a good friend and has also collaborated on projects with Annie.

HUNDERTWASSER was a painter, graphic artist, architect, ecologist, and philosopher.  His whimsical, curious work and writings have served as interesting inspiration.


Nourishing Traditions: The cookbook that challenges politically correct nutrition and the diet dictocrats by Sally Fallon

The Straw Bale House and Small Strawbale: Natural Homes, Projects & Designs both by Bill Steen, Athena Swentzell Steen, and Wayne J. Bingham. also visit http://www.caneloproject.com


SOW THOSE SEEDS! By Verlyn Klinkenborg February 14, 2009 The New York Times

FARMER IN CHIEF,  by Michael Pollan, October 9, 2009, The New York Times

THE RURAL FIFE; VICTORY GARDEN, by Verlyn Klinkenborg, August 7, 2004, The New York Times